Image Courtesy: Floatworks/I-sopod, London.

Imagine an environment free from gravity, floating effortlessly in an euphoric state without distraction or noise, free from stress or pain.  You can experience that feeling in the REST Pod here at Sanjevani Health & Lifestyle Center. 

Floatation Therapy

Sanjevani REST Pod (float tank) is a zero gravity environment that allows the mind and body to truly rest. Floatation therapy is a special super-saturated solution of saline water consisting of 1200 lbs of Epsom Salt.  With the amount of magnesium, your body becomes buoyant and floats on top of the water as if you are floating on air. In this unique state, you can relieve pain, stress, improve sleep, heal and have fun effortlessly.

Sanjevani REST Pod a Revolutionary Design for the 21st Century

The REST Pod (float tank) is constructed from the finest quality GRP double-skinned moldings and is hand finished and insulated throughout, which ensures a sound proof environment for the maximum benefits of silence and temperature stabilization.

Innovative and Powerful Filtration System

The Sanjevani REST Pod (float tank) is automatically leaned and disinfected after each session with a powerful pump and the very latest in filtration technology, developed by the Ministry of Defense in England, that will filter up to 1 micron (smaller than the width of a human hair).  The water in the REST Pod is filtered over 4 times during one filtration process, small doses of chlorine are also added.  Leaving it clean for the next use.


The Sanjevani REST Pod (float tank) is up to 50% larger than most tanks providing the most comfortable floatation experience. It is fully ventilated and draft free, you may leave the door open if feeling slightly claustrophobic. The tank is heated from the outside (which increases the benefits of the therapy vastly) and the temperature is set at the skin’s body temperature for a soothing and healing experience. 

Lighting and Integrated Audio

Sessions are customized with music and lighting.  Soothing music is incorporated into the first 10 minutes to settle down the brain and distract you from your own thoughts followed by silence. Music will commence in the last 5 minutes to subtly let you know you have 5 more minutes left of your session.  In addition, it is fitted with a LED light that fades in a violet tone initially so you may enter into the pod safely and are aware of your surroundings. You may turn on the light during your session at anytime with a choice of a beautiful deep blue or a rainbow spectrum of colors.

Sanjevani R.E.S.T Pod designed by the brilliant people at i-Sopod/Floatworks LLC, London UK.
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