Robert W. | ABQ


“At times I would nod off in the middle of conversations with friends either standing or sitting. It was embarrassing and I became frustrated and resorted to taking 2, maybe 3 different medications just to knock myself out. I would often go running miles in the middle of the morning just to try to exhaust myself but that led to me suffering injuries that took forever to heal because my body had no down time for restoration and tissue repair. I felt hopless. I became obsessed with trying to find a sleep solution so I began blogging and reading blogs, only to find hundreds of other sleep deprived people going through the same thing. Nothing worked and it became a vicious cycle. I would pace the floor and stop and stare at my bed each night like it was something I should throw out.
I'm a 46 year old male, who suffered from chronic insomnia for years. Since visiting Sanjevani and trying the REST Pod, my sleep has drastically improved. I'm no longer taking harmful pharmaceutical medication which led to my abuse and addiction. I've cleansed my liver and started taking nothing but natural sleep supplements which were purchased at Sanjevani. I practice good sleep habits which has also helped increase the number of hours of sleep that I am currently getting. Prior to visiting Sanjevani, I logged 10-12 hours of sleep per week and now I sleep 6-7 hours per NIGHT! Sanjevani helped me return to natural REM sleep and abandon my use and sometimes abuse of pharmaceutical sleep medication. I thought I would never be able to achieve natural REM sleep. Thank you Sanjevani.” Robert W. | ABQ

Susan | ABQ


“I'm almost six months post-op for surgical repair of a badly broken ankle - three plates, 13 pins. Float in the REST Pod was the first time since the accident that I have been completely pain free. In fact, it was a strange sensation to have my foot and ankle feel normal, because I had become so accustomed to low-grade pain that I forgot what it was like to not have any. The whole experience was relaxing and blissful and I felt like all the stress just drained away. I was impressed by the large size of the sleek, high-tech pod. This is not a claustrophobia-inducing tank; its more like a giant egg with lots of room inside. I was reassured by the meticulous filtration and indeed the filter system kicked on at the end of my float. A great experience, I highly recommend it.” Susan | ABQ

Molly | ABQ


“My first float was amazing! Initial tension in my neck and shoulders gradually lessened as I consciously let my muscles melt into the warm water. I think as I have more treatments and get used to the enclosure and humidity, it will be of great benefit. Lovely memory!” Molly | ABQ

Pauline | Rio Rancho, NM


“Complete Silence, what a rare experience.” Pauline | Rio Rancho, NM

Nancy | ABQ, NM


“A float is an exquisite experience. It goes beyond. You experience relaxation, letting go of tension, floating and releasing. A rest in the Pod gives you optimal pain relief, stress reduction and a deep feeling of wellbeing that lasts for days! Give yourself the best gift ever.” Nancy | ABQ, NM.

Krishna | Taos, NM


“Time-space melds into a stream of infinite potential.” Krishna | Taos, NM.

Nikki | S. California


“I broke my leg in 7 places. The constant pain made me feel depressed and unable to sit up for any length of time. After only one float in the pod, I felt complete relief from pain! So I floated again and was able to completely relax. I no longer feel consumed by pain, my mood has lifted and I feel ready to get back to my life.” Nikki | S. California.

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